Classic Case

Chinese Text Formatting

In documents with a mix of Chinese and English, additional spacing is needed for text formatting to enhance the reading experience, especially when Chinese and English are intertwined, spacing should be added at the connection points.

However, this work requires careful attention and is tedious, and it is most comfortable to leave it to a program.

In the settings of Short-term Memory, adding Chinese Text Formatting as a pre-processing step can automatically format the text when it is saved to the application, making excellent formatting effortless.

Memory Palace

As the amount of content in short-term memory grows, simply listing the content cannot effectively extract the value of data with specific characteristics.

For example, for users who copy multiple URLs every day, the list in short-term memory will be mixed with other text data, which increases the search cost for text content of URL type.

The Memory Palace can effectively improve this situation.

New Year Blessings

As New Year approaches, we send blessings to our loved ones with joy in our hearts. While a simple Happy New Year includes our heartfelt wishes, a well-crafted message can make the recipient feel even more surprised and loved.

However, high-quality blessing messages may not come easily when needed, and searching for them can be inefficient. This is where the collection of New Year Blessing phrases comes in handy.

After configuring the data, you can quickly output high-quality blessing messages on the keyboard. Moreover, the “sender information” in the message will be automatically replaced with your name, making the blessing even more personalized.

For more information, please refer to 「Common Questions/How to Use New Year Blessing Phrases」 in the app.


From my beloved wife.

Retrieving Parcels on Double Eleven

If you have multiple parcels delivered to a post office or a locker during the Double Eleven shopping event, you would need to find the right retrieval codes on different screens. How to remember all these codes quickly?


In other apps, you can copy the retrieval codes and double-click on the “Assistive Touch◎” function to save them quickly. Repeat the process for all codes you need to save. When you arrive at the post office or locker later, you can simply view all the retrieval codes you saved earlier in the “Short-term Memory” function of ToMemo, and retrieve your parcels easily with a big smile.

From my beloved wife.

Maintaining WeChat Groups

Some students need to manage several WeChat groups, and as their business develops, the number of groups keeps increasing.

Each group requires the same group rules, promotional copies, interactive copies, and after-sales response copies… Every time, they need to look through the chat history of the old groups, or copy and paste the same language in different software, which can be very frustrating.


By saving the content from the first group as a template text in ToMemo, in the future groups, users only need to open the keyboard, find the list, and click on “Memo”. They do not need to search and scroll through the chat history again.

From my beloved wife.

Flood the Screen with 666 in Live Stream

In live streams, it’s common to use flood screens with the same text to interact with the host or participate in lucky draws. How to fill the screen with your own text?


In the app settings, turn on the “Keyboard memory retention time” option in the “Short-term memory” section (not turning it off), then enter the desired text in the live stream chat (such as a string of “666”), select it and copy it. Open the ToMemo keyboard, click on the “Lightning” icon to enter the “Short-term memory” panel, click on the just copied text to paste it in the input box, and then press Enter or Send.

After that, it’s simple. Click the input box - click the text - click send.

Because clicking the input box will automatically open the ToMemo keyboard, positioning in the “Short-term memory” panel, you can send messages with one click. Super fast~ With just two thumbs, you can fill the live stream chat with your text.

From my beloved wife.

Sending the Same Information

In work communication scenarios, it’s often necessary to copy and paste the same content to different clients or colleagues.


After sending the information to the client, copy the content that you think could be repeatedly used and save it in ToMemo. The next time you need to send it, simply switch to the ToMemo keyboard, select it, and quickly send.

Accumulate useful information over time and shine brightly and continuously.

From my beloved wife.