Advanced Functionality of Short-term Memory

Saving to Short-term Memory with a Shortcut

Short-term Memory provides the ability to save with a shortcut, allowing you to quickly trigger a save action.

Demonstration video operation process:

  • Select the text content that needs to be copied.
  • Click “Copy”.
  • Double-click the “Assistive Touch” button.
  • The save shortcut is automatically triggered.


Adding a Shortcut

Shortcut download addressopen in new window

Download the shared shortcut from this page and import it into the “Shortcuts” application.

At this time, a shortcut called “Save clipboard content” can be seen.

Setting the Trigger Action

Trigger via Assistive Touch

Trigger the shortcut by clicking, double-clicking, long-pressing the Assistive Touch, etc.

Process shown


Assistive Touch (using the small white dot on the screen) needs to be turned on.

Trigger via Tapping the Screen

Trigger the shortcut by tapping the back of the phone twice. This is mainly applicable to users who do not want to use Assistive Touch.

Process shown below


The back-tap trigger needs to be adapted to the phone and may not be recognized every time at first.